Anderson Cooper: Playground Attendant…and Not a Very Good One

Too bad Anderson Cooper did not provide a better, more professional service to the American public during the Republican presidential debate held last night. Perhaps he would have if the debate had been held outside on a playground instead of inside a library. Perhaps if he had been supplied a whistle instead of a microphone he would have understood his duties more readily.

While I do not agree with virtually all of John McCain’s policy positions, I do consider him a true American hero and respect him a great deal. However, as the two “leading” candidates for the Republican party, I would hope that both John McCain and Mitt Romney would start behaving like presidential candidates and not playschool children.

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John Edwards, A True Voice for Others

While I understand the reasons why John Edwards is suspending his campaign, I am disappointed to know that he will not be participating in the California debate. His voice during the debates was an important one for me. In a race that is beginning to have much too much emphasis on being FOR Barack and AGAINST Hillary or FOR Hillary and AGAINST Barack, I found John Edwards to be THE voice for many, many Americans desiring this race to be about the issues and not the next political superstar. My hope is that John Edwards will continue to receive media attention, but knowing how the media thrives on creating controversy rather than being an impetus for positive progress, I have only hope.

To read John Edwards speech delivered in New Orleans just a short time ago:

A Call to Action Regarding John Gibson’s Abuse of America’s Freedom of Speech

The following is my letter sent today to all Fox News Sponsors…

Dear Fox News Sponsor:

RE: Fox News and John Gibson’s Public Commentary Regarding Heath Ledger

I write to you because I recently discovered my tolerance level for public abuse of freedom of speech by a paid broadcaster. We each have our own levels of tolerance and I respect the levels set by the Board of Directors and/or CEO/President of your company. However, John Gibson surpassed mine with his publicly stated, insensitive comments directed at a recently deceased young man Mr. Gibson admits to not ever having met.


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It is NEVER the Right Time to Do the Wrong Thing

Please take the time to read Mary McNamara’s article in the LA Times.,1,7605919.story

The following is my email sent today to all those listed below at Fox News. PLEASE, PLEASE send your own emails or letters — thank you.

Mr. Davis, Mr. Finnerty, Ms. Briganit, Ms. Scott, and Mr. Ailes:

I respectfully continue to call for the termination of John Gibson at Fox News.

~ Penny Ronning

[Included in email] The following is my email to Ms. McNamara of the LA Times:


Thank you for your well written article regarding John Gibson’s inexcusable public actions relating to Heath Ledger. I appreciate your thought line and agree with you in the call for his termination. I, too, asked for John Gibson’s termination from Roger Ailes, Fox CEO. I do not believe mean spiritedness ever accomplishes anything, nor do I believe the silent majority ever creates progress. The freedoms we enjoy as Americans came at a VERY high price for those that fought and continue to fight (and serve) in our military. To disgrace and exploit those sacrificially earned freedoms the way John Gibson has is beyond explanation. And just because we have freedom of speech does not mean that consequences should not follow when those freedoms are abused — Don Imus learned that and I believe, John Gibson falls into this same category. This is why we have laws for slander and defamation of character. Mr. Gibson and his colleagues need to learn that it is never the right time to do the wrong thing.

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Every Morning I Wake Up Hoping This is the Day People Won’t Shock Me…This Was NOT That Day

My hands continue to shake as I type this blog. The shaking first began when I logged into my account and read a blog by Giulia Rozzi. The blog was listed under the film category and that caught my attention. Saying that I was not prepared for what I read and listened to is an understatement. Please judge for yourself the actions by Fox journalist, John Gibson and his colleagues. Listen to the link provided within the following blog link:

John Gibson’s and his colleagues’ actions at Fox regarding Heath Ledger in his life and most sadly in his death are beyond explanation and excuse.

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Social Security for Dummies

The following is a paper on understanding Social Security I wrote for a Business Law class while obtaining my MBA. The paper was written in 2004, but because it is more or less a “how does Social Security work and why is it important to me” type document, it is very relevant today — especially as we enter into the 2008 elections. While hope is wonderful, it is not a plan. Find out what your candidate’s PLAN is for Social Security. If you are yet to receive Social Security, this issue EFFECTS YOU!!! It effects all of us.

Understanding Social Security and the Concern for the Future

Created in 1935, the Social Security system was designed to provide the American workforce with an additional source of retirement income. For over 70 years, many of America’s elderly have relied on the benefits of this system to help meet their financial needs in their retirement years. With the demographics of the American workforce changing, can Americans continue to rely on Social Security for their future?

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