Buy Books and Help Stop Genocide

Still haven’t read The Kite Runner? Giving? Become a Better You? John Grisham’s latest or Sue Grafton’s? Well, this is your opportunity to do something good for yourself and for many people you may never meet. Run to Barnes & Noble this weekend and buy as many books as you can! Follow the instructions below and your purchases will help to stop genocide.


Published on Genocide Intervention Network (

Feb 1 – Feb 4: Shop at Barnes and Noble, Raise Money for Civilian Protection

This weekend, you can earn money for GI-Net, just by shopping at Barnes & Noble!

Make a purchase at ANY Barnes & Noble in the country from February 1-4 and a percentage of all sales will be donated to the Genocide Intervention Network.

Note: You must mention “Bookfair #223842” at the point of purchase for the donation to occur.

This fundraising initiative applies to all in-stores sales, including books, CD/DVDs, and food and beverages purchased at the Cafe. It does not apply to online purchases.

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