Jericho: The Producers are Pumping Iron!

As I stated in my interview on Jericho Monster, from all of my experience in the entertainment industry and in business, I do not believe Jericho is dead in the water if the producing team wants to keep it swimming.

Good news, Jericho fans: the producing team is pumping iron and practicing their strokes!

Here is a recent post on the CBS Jericho message board from the producing team:

The Awesome Fans of Jericho,

What a wild week…. It has been both heartbreaking and exciting for all of us.

Heartbreaking that the show was canceled.

Exciting that everyone is rallying to find us a new home.

The response we’ve been getting through the mail and on the boards is so moving… We are so proud of these 7 episodes and want to do whatever it takes to keep telling this story for you.

Your dedication and drive continues to blow our minds. We want to thank everyone, specifically Shaun O Mac for being the voice of the Jericho fandom, Schumi for guiding everyone with your kind heart, General Patton for assembling the troops… and so many others that are working so hard. I promise you it isn’t going unnoticed by the producers, cast, crew and studio.

This show has made TV history in so many ways… and we are doing everything in our power to help find a new way to show you how Jake, Hawkins and gang lead their way through the Next American Civil War.

Much love from your team,

Jon, Carol, Karim, Dan, the writers, cast and crew of Jericho


Letter to Senators Leahy and Dodd

Dear Senators Leahy and Dodd:

People often address letters to United States Senators using the term “Honorable” before the word Senator. To me, honor is something a person displays through a keen sense of ethical behavior and integrity of character.

Your call for Senator Hillary Clinton to resign the Democratic primary race before all American voters have had their opportunity to cast their vote for their own personal choice on who they want to see be the next Democratic candidate for president is less than honorable as a citizen of the United States, but most especially less than honorable as a United States Senator.

I live in a state that has yet to hold their Democratic primary election. And to the best of my knowledge 6 other states have yet to hold theirs. And a solution has yet to be found on how the votes of the American citizens living in the states of Michigan and Florida are going to be included in this election.

As a United States Senator you should be fighting for my vote to be counted.

As a United States Senator you should be fighting for my vote to be MY vote NOT YOUR VOTE.

As an American citizen, I am appalled by your actions in regard to this matter.

I am appalled that you are not fighting for the voters of Michigan and Florida to be counted.

I am appalled that you are part of a process willing to punish 2 entire voting bases because a smaller number of people in leadership positions made some very bad decisions — and that includes Howard Dean and Barack Obama.

I am appalled that you are working to manipulate this election process.

Honorable is not a title I can write in front of your names.

Disappointed in your actions,

Citizen of the United States of America


All day long I’ve been trying to write a blog about the brutal, barbaric, horrific, and disgusting seal “hunt” taking place in Canada right now. As my eyes well up with tears and my stomach turns, I realize I have no words to adequately express my feelings. The actions of the humans grossly killing the baby seals and the actions of the people within the government of Canada who make the decision to continue to allow this gawd awful event are equal in nature. And both carry no honor, no excuse, and absolutely no justification.

The brutal killing of defenseless baby seals is no more of a “hunt” than the slaughter of the bison that step just outside of Yellowstone Park or the aerial killings of wolves in Alaska. These actions are not a hunt and should never be qualified as such.

The image I have carried in my mind all day is from the movie Bless the Beasts and the Children. The bludgeoning of the baby seals, the slaughter of the bison, and the extermination of the wolves is no more of a hunt than rounding them all up into a pen and brutally killing them one by one would be considered a hunt.

12,368 seals have been brutally killed since yesterday morning.

Take action…PLEASE take action.

For more information on how you can stand up for the protection of the baby seals in Canada, please visit

Thank you.

I Miss Walter Cronkite

For my own sanity, stepping away this past week from the political news coverage has been refreshing. While I remain enthused and dedicated to the positive change, I believe, this election can bring our country, I am also saddened by the extent to which news writers and anchors have become manipulative in their profession. Manipulative speech is nothing new within the big network news players, but when I see it creep into local news delivery, I feel sick in my heart. Words are powerful tools in the right hands. I believe it was Walter Cronkite who used to be labeled the most trusted man in America.

Can we or would we say that about any of the news anchors now? Even those on our own small town news broadcasts?

Where has integrity in the delivery of news gone in our country?

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About That Writer’s Strike at DailyKos…by Alegre

Guest author, Alegre, recently posted this excellent blog on Founded in 2004 as a non-partisan, non-profit progressive women’s media organization by the writers/activists Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem, the women’s media center strives to make women visible and powerful in the media.

About That Writers’ Strike at DailyKos … by Alegre

March 25, 2008

I work full time, but my evenings are spent writing about and promoting Hillary Clinton on the Internet. Sometimes well into the wee hours of the morning. I may be just a volunteer, but I’m one of millions who is in her corner and working hard to help her make it to the Oval Office.

I’ve been a fan of hers and the remarkable work she’s done over the past 35 years forHillarysheadshot_3 many reasons. I’ll mention one that’s at the top of my list—her early work with the Children’s Defense Fund after she earned her law degree from Yale. My son was born with developmental delays and has benefited greatly from the programs and laws Hillary helped fight for and put into place that require our public schools to accommodate children like my son. If he had been born 35 years ago he would have been written off as retarded—special education didn’t exist in our public schools. Not so today, thanks in part to Hillary’s work. He’ll start kindergarten with his peers this fall only because of the years of physical therapy and early intervention he’s gotten thanks to people like Hillary Clinton.

I’ve been posting to discussion boards and web logs since the mid-90s, and joined the progressive political site DailyKos nearly four years ago. When I posted my first diary in support of Hillary last June, I thought I’d get my head handed to me by other members of our online community. Surprisingly, my post generated some much-needed discussion about her record and her plans going forward. Since then I’ve been posting on a daily basis, at times challenging something her rivals have said or done. It wasn’t all that bad for the most part—we had great discussions, and I gave as good as I got in the back and forth of it all.

Until about two months ago that is. Things started to go downhill fast. I really can’t put my finger on a cause, but the level of sexism and hostility toward Hillary and her supporters got to be too much.

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Jericho: The Talented Speak

Two special items from the CBS Jericho fansite I wanted to share:

First, this spectacular movie poster created by a Jericho fan who goes by the moniker, Rubberpoultry. He did such a terrific job I felt more people needed to see it and wanted to promote his work. The designer is offering free downloads of the poster and you will find instructions for doing so by clicking here.

Second, here is a copy of the message Brad Beyer (Stanley Richmond) just posted on the same CBS Jericho fan site. Very gracious words from a remarkably fine actor.

To all the fans of Jericho,

Thank you so much for all of your love, support and for getting us a season 2. You were the heart and soul of the show. I’ll never forget my experience playing Stanley on Jericho, it has been the highlight of my career. I’ve enjoyed meeting some of you and talking to some of you on Shaun’s show. I have never had an experience so personal with the fans, it has been amazing. Thanks again. 

With love,

Brad Beyer

Jericho Finale: Nothing Feels Right


Jericho’s CBS series finale has now come and gone.

While I am sure some people may be satisfied with the story that aired, I am not.

I feel cheated.

I feel like I was in the stands for a world series game with the every star player stepping up to bat except they were being pitched wiffle balls.

So much talent packed into a stadium and someone decides to short change their performance by taking away a vital piece of equipment and replacing it with cheap plastic balls filled with holes.

Jericho was packed with talent — from the producers to the writers to the cast to the crew.

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