Jericho: An Hour of GREAT Television!

Negative comments of a hostile or nasty nature left for bloggers are not something I enjoy reading nor are they opinions I respect. With that in mind, I am shaking my own head at my blog today!After the first blog I wrote about the CBS television show, Jericho I received a few very nice emails and a nice comment. Plus, it was a blog read by a significant number of people so I’m hoping that means the Jericho fan base is steadily increasing.

I titled the last blog about Jericho: “Jericho the New 24.” I was not comparing the two television shows, but stating that 24 had, at one time, been an hour of TV when I turned off my cell phone, let all of my friends and family know they were not to call me or stop by, and made sure my dogs had every duty done outside that could be done before the show started. At no time did I ever compare the two television shows in that blog, other than stating that Jericho had replaced that hour of turning off my cell phone, letting the dogs out, etc., that used to belong to 24.

Well…one comment I received on a site in which my blog appeared came from someone not willing to use his/her real name, but blasted me with being “absurd” in attempting to compare Jericho with 24. I didn’t respond to the comment then, but after watching last night’s Jericho episode — I’M GOING TO NOW!!

For those of you watching Jericho on the SciFi channel for the first time, you may not want to read any further.

With the death last night of one of the younger characters, the credits revealing another of the prominent younger actors now being a “Special Guest Star” (Eric Knudson), and the change in time slots (from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM), it appears that the producers are taking the show into a more mature storyline.

Betrayal, corrupt government leaders, killing off beloved characters, secret government workers, nuclear bombs, out-of-control characters in positions of power, the government hunting people down, the introduction of an entity resembling a factual corporation (Jennings & Rall vs. Halliburton/KBR), a hero who embodies both good and bad, and the ever-present office in which those hiding something are always looking around to make sure no one else is looking around — oh, no…doesn’t sound like 24 at all!! Nothing to compare there!

As a filmmaker, I truly appreciate the films and television shows that are able to take me out of the “business” and into the story. Jericho is one of those shows and that is why I am happy to tell everyone about it. 24 captured an audience with excellent writing, acting, producing, directing, and a unique story. With Jack Bauer not returning until January of 2009, Jericho is set even more so now to capture a number of the audience that once faithfully tuned into 24. Hopefully, CBS will market the next three episodes well, run the series again during the summer to capture a greater audience, and then come back in the fall with a full season of episodes. (After the writer’s strike, short seasons, some shows not returning at all, and some not returning for a full year, audiences that generate advertising dollars for the networks deserve to be treated to full seasons of shows next year beginning in September.)

As much as I truly enjoyed the first seasons of Jericho, I am loving the suspense added to this short season’s episodes. Keep ’em coming! Well, all three episodes left of the season anyway. However, I hope the younger characters/actors continue to be a part of this unfolding story. I enjoy the element of reality they add — kids are left orphaned all over the world because of war right now. How they cope, survive, and integrate into society is very real and full of excellent potential to build on a sub plot.

For those not familiar with the back story of Jericho, the SciFi Channel is airing the first season’s episodes now. Check your local listing for times.

Jericho, CBS, Tuesday nights @ 9/10 — check your local listings.


Watch missed episodes at


6 thoughts on “Jericho: An Hour of GREAT Television!

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. Jericho truly is a magnificent show and I was hooked the first time it aired way back before Nuts. There’s something for everyone. Come on, CBS, give us Season 3.

  2. Thank you for another great article on JERICHO.
    I was blown away by last night’s episode, OVERSIGHT.
    There were so many great scenes and the actors all did a really great job with them.
    Skeet and Lennie work so well together. I LOVE THEM!
    Ashley, Alicia, Spraque, YOU ROCK!!
    It was very sad to have to say GOOD-BYE to another cast member, but she did an AMAZING job going out! She will be missed just as Johnston is missed.
    I feel as if JERICHO turned the corner last night.
    CBS can’t cancel the show now…they just can’t.
    It would break so many hearts, including mine and my families.
    THANKS AGAIN and please, don’t give up on JERICHO!!

  3. Yes, Jericho has certainly become appointment television and the March 3rd episode shows why. Yes, CBS definitely need to give Jericho a ful thirs season.

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