Letter to Senators Leahy and Dodd

Dear Senators Leahy and Dodd:

People often address letters to United States Senators using the term “Honorable” before the word Senator. To me, honor is something a person displays through a keen sense of ethical behavior and integrity of character.

Your call for Senator Hillary Clinton to resign the Democratic primary race before all American voters have had their opportunity to cast their vote for their own personal choice on who they want to see be the next Democratic candidate for president is less than honorable as a citizen of the United States, but most especially less than honorable as a United States Senator.

I live in a state that has yet to hold their Democratic primary election. And to the best of my knowledge 6 other states have yet to hold theirs. And a solution has yet to be found on how the votes of the American citizens living in the states of Michigan and Florida are going to be included in this election.

As a United States Senator you should be fighting for my vote to be counted.

As a United States Senator you should be fighting for my vote to be MY vote NOT YOUR VOTE.

As an American citizen, I am appalled by your actions in regard to this matter.

I am appalled that you are not fighting for the voters of Michigan and Florida to be counted.

I am appalled that you are part of a process willing to punish 2 entire voting bases because a smaller number of people in leadership positions made some very bad decisions — and that includes Howard Dean and Barack Obama.

I am appalled that you are working to manipulate this election process.

Honorable is not a title I can write in front of your names.

Disappointed in your actions,

Citizen of the United States of America


2 thoughts on “Letter to Senators Leahy and Dodd

  1. As an Obama supporter, I agree with you that their calls for Clinton to drop out are premature. They should instead call on both candidates to cease attacks on each other. I have no problem with Clinton staying in the race if she stops attacking Obama. If both of them were out there double-teaming McCain this could be a plus.

  2. I agree with most of what you said here…other than the bit about Florida and Michigan. What part of following the rules do they not understand? They knew going in that the dates they chose were unacceptable. And now everyone is acting surprised because there are consequences. I wonder if Hillary supporters would be so adament for the rights of Florida and Michigan if Obama had been projected to win them. I think not.

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