Boston Legal and David E. Kelley…Soooo Smart

As a long time supporter of human rights and a member of Amnesty International, I do my best to pay attention, attend, be proactive, educate myself, and for the most part, not shut out issues that may feel too horrible to think about.

Trust me, that’s not always easy.

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NY Times Op-Ed by Elizabeth Edwards: News Media

This NY Times Op-Ed article by Elizabeth Edwards is so good, I am creating a post for it. Here is the permalink if anyone would like to read the article as it was posted in today’s New York Times:

April 27, 2008

Op-Ed Contributor

Bowling 1, Health Care 0

Chapel Hill, N.C.

FOR the last month, news media attention was focused on Pennsylvania and its Democratic primary. Given the gargantuan effort, what did we learn?

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The Government Manipulating the News…hmmm, no surprise

As an occasional paid educator, one of my favorite classes to teach is Media’s Influence on Society.

The first part of each class begins with a fun quiz designed to create an awareness of how each student is or has been influenced by the media. The results have never failed to shock each individual class member.

Propaganda is not new.

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The Vital Ground Foundation Narrated by Sir Anthony Hopkins

In celebration of Earth Day, I invite you to learn about The Vital Ground Foundation. Understanding the importance of the grizzly bear as an umbrella species helps to understand the importance of the work being done by all of those committed to Vital Ground.

Enjoy this wonderful video narrated by Sir Anthony Hopkins and then click here to learn more about Vital Ground.

Celebrate Earth Day!

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