Jericho: Start Clicking!

Are you wanting to keep Jericho in the forefront of the entertainment industry insiders’ eyes?

Then visit (Internet Movie Database) as often as you can AND take the following action:

1. Type Jericho into the search bar and click enter.

2. Click on Jericho (TV series).

3. Repeat…repeatedly!

This will increase Jericho’s ranking on the MOVIEmeter which every person with a professional subscription (IMDbPro) will be able to see. The MOVIEmeter ranks television shows and movies based upon how many times they are “searched for” on the IMDb site.

This same process works for the individual cast members of Jericho except they are ranked on the STARmeter. Again, everyone with a professional subscription will be able to see their ranking increase.

So, if you want to see Skeet Ulrich‘s rank increase or any of the other cast members rank increase then start “searching” for them on IMDb…repeatedly. Johnny Depp currently holds the #1 spot.

IMDb is THE MOST widely used website by entertainment industry professionals.

Let’s help get Jericho to the #1 slot currently held by the movie 21. And then let’s keep Jericho there for as long as we can.

The highest ranked television show right now is House (#42) followed by Heroes (#54).

Jericho ranked at #84 last week.

Let’s get it all the way to #1!

Same for the cast.

Start “searching” Rangers!


Skeet Ulrich

Esai Morales

Brad Beyer

Lennie James

Ashley Scott

Alicia Coppola

Kenneth Mitchell

Michael Gaston

Sprague Grayden

Bob Stephenson (II)


3 thoughts on “Jericho: Start Clicking!

  1. Hey Penny, thanks for the heads up! THere is also a site called Fancast which is owned by Comcast where you can watch all the Jericho Episodes for free and someone also said it is available to international fans too. In light of the rumors that Comcast is talking with CBS/Paramount about a possible deal, perhaps we could kill two birds with one stone by searching for Jericho at the Comcast sites.

    Thanks for your help! Jericho lives!

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