Save Jericho Campaign

Quick note:

If you are looking to be part of an organized campaign to save Jericho, please visit JerichoNet for information.

Through what appears to be 100% volunteer effort (which I love), these people are working hard to create a strategic plan to help Jericho find a new home.

Time is critical…please visit the site and do what you can to help in this mighty effort to make history by not only saving a great show, but in letting network executives know that you care about what is aired on television.

Above image is a fantastic postcard design created by one of the volunteers, LadyLiberty.


9 thoughts on “Save Jericho Campaign

  1. Thank you again Penny! Short and sweet article, straight to the point. We are happy to have you on our side. All efforts count!

  2. Thank you, Penny! Nice, concise article about the great efforts we are trying to pull together to save Jericho!

  3. Thanks for the article. Gets right to the point and happy to have your support for this great show and the efforts to bring it back.

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