Keeping Jericho Alive!

What an amazing group of loyal fans!

Jericho fans seem to be like no other and I can understand why.

It’s a GREAT show!

Working on two fronts, a Nuts to Nielsen movement and a vast media and press campaign the fans are keeping Jericho alive!

And financially this is no small feat.

With ads in two of the largest entertainment industry publications, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter and large shipments of nuts being sent to various outlets, the fans are putting their money where their mouth is.

They’ve raised thousands of dollars to continue to keep Jericho on the front lines in hopes of finding this fantastic show a new home.

Since I do not believe Jericho is the fans to sell, I would have chosen a different angle for an ad (legally, the ad that ran would have made me very nervous)…


I understand their intention and give them BIG kudos for their boldness and passion.

Jericho is truly one of the best shows to have made it on the airwaves in a long, long time. And the loyal fans are truly impressive. Not only impressive in their actions to save Jericho, but these people are genuinely nice.

For more information on the various ways you can be part of making history in helping to bring Jericho back for many more seasons (and on a new channel), please visit the following websites:


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