President Jimmy Carter and Hillary Swank: Reaching Heights All Their Own

Have you ever watched something and have been so moved that you can’t stop thinking about it?

In the past month or so that’s happened to me twice.

The second time was just this past weekend. I watched Clint Eastwood’s movie Million Dollar Baby. Not being a fan of Mystic River, I never felt drawn to Million Dollar Baby. Mystic River felt so dark and depressing to me that I had no desire to experience that again in a movie.

If anyone else has avoided watching Million Dollar Baby for the same reasons I did, let me put your mind at ease — this movie does NOT carry the same darkness found in Mystic River. It’s still a heavy movie, but the writing and the approach to telling this story is very different.

The movie is powerful and I recommend it to everyone. The screenwriter, Paul Haggis, is brilliant — as always. And Hillary Swank…she is so talented an acting award category with a standard set at “ain’t nobody else ever gonna come close to the job you done” should be named after her.

The first time I watched something this past month that has stayed with me was Charlie Rose’s interview with President Jimmy Carter.

President Carter has long been on my most admired list and this interview, like Hillary Swank, catapulted him into a category all his own. His knowledge of international relations is unmatched. But more importantly, in my opinion, is his heart toward world peace, human rights, and the Middle East.

While the Bush administration has taken a big stick approach to all things Middle East, President Carter continues to take an open minded and “peace can be found through finding a common ground” approach. As an American citizen, I am honored beyond words to have President Carter represent me and my country. However, by demand of the Bush administration, President Carter may only represent The Carter Center as he works to bring peace to the Middle East.

If you are unfamiliar with the outstanding work being done by The Carter Center please visit their website by clicking here.

I encourage you to watch the entire 30+ minute interview with President Jimmy Carter [4/28/08] as he talks about the Middle East, his mother Lillian, and how the next president of the United States of America can change the world’s view of our country within the first 10 minutes of her/his term on the Charlie Rose website. The entirety of this interview is captivating and inspiring.

Here is an excerpt from the entire interview I found on YouTube:


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