Impressive Difference Between Hillary and Barack


Not exactly the state anyone thinks of as being important in a presidential election.

At least not most politicians running for the office.

My state rarely sees a presidential candidate. Considering we are one of the last states to vote in a Democratic primary election and we have one of the lowest populations of all 50 states, I guess our votes are not “important” to most politicians.


This year…

We have been visited twice by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and President Bill Clinton.

While I was unable to attend any of President Clinton’s visits, I was able to see speeches by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Hands down…Hillary’s speech was by far above and beyond more impressive of the two.

While both speeches were good, Hillary’s was detailed with action items on how she plans to address an enormous number of issues. And she addressed every line item of detail without notes. Her knowledge of every single issue that was raised — the economy, Iraq, health care, energy, oil, Saudi Arabia, jobs, global warming, taxes, etc. — was astounding. And not once did she falter, have to stop and think, or try to “find the right word.”

She was so spot on knowledgeable about issues relating to coal, tribal relations, the automobile industry, student loans, education, and so much more. She was absolutely engaging with her intelligence on every issue and even more so in her delivery of details on how she plans to address every issue and turn our country around for the better.

Hillary Clinton delivered detailed action items.

Barack Obama delivered a speech.


One thought on “Impressive Difference Between Hillary and Barack

  1. I’m still on the fence about who to vote for in the general election. I like both candidates but I can totally understand what you are saying. Obama really needs to work on telling us the how he expects to bring about all this “change” he keeps talking about.

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