With Record High Gas Prices, What’s a Family to do this Summer?

Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone National Park

With record high gas prices, what’s a family to do for a summer vacation?

How about planning your family fun time around any one of America’s 391 National Park Sites?

Covering more than 83 million acres, national parks can be found in every state.

To learn more about America’s national parks, view slide shows and pictures, or to find that right destination for you and your family, visit the National Parks Conservation Association website.


Top Three Summer Television Shows to Watch

Some things are just better when they are over and done with.

Like the pulling of a wisdom tooth.


The first speech you have to give in front of your class.


Every time your mom made you eat liver and onions.

Some things are going to happen no matter what and it’s just best to get them over with.

This past television season was one of those things. Phewy…it was awful. I’ve never been so happy to see reruns of reruns on my television screen.


By the looks of what the major networks are planning for next season, I could not be more happy for the emergence of TNT and USA as serious competition for original scripted programming.

Who knew summer television would ever be THE thing to be paying attention to?!


Here it comes and it appears to be coming with a BANG!

My choice for the top three summer scripters to be watching are:


This show continues to shine and just keeps getting better with each year. However, I think every treadmill should come with a warning: Watching MONK while operating this equipment could be dangerous. I’ve fallen off my treadmill twice while watching this show. I get to laughing so hard I lose my balance and off I go! Season premiere is Friday, July 18 at 9/8 central on the USA network.

Burn Notice

If you are like me, you didn’t notice this show during its first season. But, if you’ve caught any of the reruns leading up to the premiere of it’s second season, then you know this show is fantastic! Great writing, excellent cast, creative editing, and humorous. I LIKE IT! Season premiere is Thursday, July 10 at 10/9 central on the USA network.

The Closer

Kyra Sedgwick is absolutely wonderful as Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson. Everything about this show is excellent. For a scripted drama, this show holds its own against any of the major network dramas. Storyline, character development, and the “real” factor of human behavior within the main characters is engaging. Brenda Lee Johnson is a character that many people can relate to and that’s refreshing. Season premiere is Monday, July 14 at 9/8 central on TNT.


Get ready to leave the mosquitoes behind and bring your lemonade on in for some fun summer television!

NO to Loaded Guns in America’s National Parks

As a young girl growing up in Montana, regular visits to Yellowstone National Park were part of our family routine.

If relatives came for a visit, we took them to Yellowstone.

If friends came for a visit, we took them to Yellowstone.

If it was long weekend, we went to Yellowstone.

If friends were going to Yellowstone, we were going to Yellowstone.

Yellowstone National Park continues to be one of America’s treasures.


I couldn’t feel more blessed to have grown up in such a spectacular place of peace and beauty.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I learned that the Bush Administration is, once again, cow-towing to the National Rifle Association by seeking to relax a law that has been in place for 100+ years.

A law that bans loaded guns in America’s national parks.

For more than 100 years, our national parks have been places of sanctuary for humans and animals alike.

When did they become listed as war zones where loaded guns are necessary?

The time in NOW to say NO to the NRA and the Bush Administration once and for all when it comes to the safety of American citizens.

For more than 100 years, loaded guns have NOT been a part of America’s national parks.

Let’s keep it that way.

Please join the U.S. Park Rangers Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, the Association of National Park Rangers, the National Park Service Retirees, The Wilderness Society, and the National Parks Conservation Association in saying NO TO LOADED GUNS in America’s national Parks.

Take action by learning more on each of the above websites AND by sending a letter to the Department of Interior expressing your opposition to the NRA’s push for loaded guns in our national parks.

Save Jericho Again

Jericho fans are as sturdy as they come.

Like the survivors of the television town, the fans of Jericho have survived 2 nuclear blasts themselves in the form of network cancellations.


Fight on they do.

The difference between Trekkies and Jericho Rangers (fans of the show) is their focus, their mission, their purpose.

Trekkies are fans of the genre and dedicated lovers of science fiction. They love the characters and the futuristic elements explored within the context of Star Trek and other science fiction productions.

Jericho Rangers are about the here and now. They live active lives and come from various backgrounds, professions, cultures and even countries. Entertainment is not their life, but rather something that brings a balance into their hard-working lives.

Simply put, they love the quality of programming provided by the Jericho producing team.

To the Rangers, the television show Jericho is not an obsession, but rather something that brings a true sense of value of enjoyment into their lives.


They are standing up AGAIN to declare just how valuable of a show Jericho is.

Currently, the Rangers’ campaign is directed at media executives in positions to purchase Jericho and bring it back to the airwaves as original programming.

With encouragement from Jericho producers Jon Turteltaub and Carol Barbee, the Rangers continue their move forward in pursuit of a new home for Jericho.


Good for them!

To learn how you can be a part of this history making campaign, please visit Save Jericho Again and watch the following Rangers’ produced commercial featuring the voice of Brad Beyer.

The Girl Effect

Did you know that when women and girls earn income, they invest 90% of it back into their families, as compared to only 30 – 40% for a man?


That out of the world’s 130 million out-of-school youth, 70% are girls?


That only one-half of one cent of every aid dollar spent in the developing world is earmarked for girls?

To learn more about how investing in girls can end poverty and help the developing world, watch the video and visit The Girl Effect.