The Crumbling of Democracy

What an interesting time this is in the United States of America.

Yesterday, the majority of the Democratic Party leadership clung to THEIR rules rather than American Democracy.

I guess they have learned NOTHING from history. When the rules are wrong, change the rules.

The majority of the Democratic Party leadership weakened not just the Democratic Party yesterday, but they weakened what America stands for — freedom, human rights, and democracy.

Many Clinton and Obama loyalists probably see this issue as one about “their” candidate.

Perhaps in some ways it is.


More importantly this issue is squarely about American Democracy.

I don’t know about any of you, but when I turned 18 and registered as a voter for the first time, I didn’t receive a party handbook detailing for me the rules and regulations of my party of choice.

In the many years and changes of residency since that time, I’ve never received a party handbook of any kind.

I’ve never even received a call from anyone in a leadership position within the Democratic party in any state I’ve ever lived in and those states include:

Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, Tennessee, Oklahoma, California, Minnesota, and Virginia.

Not once, not one single phone call, not one flier, not one knock on my door, not anything. Except, of course during an election year and then I get kadoodles of mailings from my party’s candidates and some from the other parties.

Thankfully, for the most part, in America if we have the talent and skills we can enter into any profession we so choose. And within our chosen profession, people trust us to do our jobs to the best of our ability.

In theory, no matter what profession one chooses, it’s a service job. Every single job provides a service of some kind or another. Spirituality aside, our jobs are part of what connects us in this world. Even the least trusting person in the world trusts people in their chosen professions to be doing their jobs.

I’m guessing you are like me.

I trust the people at my chosen Internet and phone company to be doing their jobs. I trust the flight crew of my chosen air carrier to be doing their jobs. I trust the people at my car’s manufacturer to be doing their jobs. I trust the medical personnel at my local hospital to be doing their jobs. I trust the City workers in charge of traffic lights to be doing their jobs. When I take my dogs to the vet, I trust my vet and the techs to be doing their jobs.

The list goes on.

I don’t know the ins and outs of all of these professions, nor do I know the rules and regulations within many of these professions.

What I do know is my part within the interaction between myself and these other parties.

I’m a well educated person and for that I’m grateful. I know that I must participate in the well being of my own life and that it is my responsibility to do so.

I also know that it is my responsibility to be a good citizen of my country and of this world.

And to the very best of my ability, I exercise this responsibility daily.

As an American citizen, I trust my political leaders to do their jobs. And I believe their job FIRST AND FOREMOST is to protect our human rights, our constitution, and our democracy.

What I learned yesterday is that the majority of the Democratic Party leadership stands first and foremost for their own agenda.

I know the political world is filled and often fueled by personal agendas. Every campaign has them. Every politician has them.

History reveals personal political agendas very clearly. They always come out. The truth in every situation always finds the person or people it is meant to find. And I can only imagine how many truths are yet to be revealed of personal political agendas from the past 7 1/2 years of the Bush/Cheney administration. (As if what we know already isn’t shocking enough to cause us to rise up and say enough!)

When the 2.5 million voters of Michigan and Florida went to the polls to vote in their primary elections I bet the majority of them didn’t know about the intricacies of the rules and regulations of the Democratic Party. I bet the majority of them headed to the polls trusting that the political leadership of our country learned valuable lessons from 2000 and that each American citizen’s vote was now valid once again. I bet the majority of the 2.5 million people that voted in Michigan and Florida trusted that the leadership within the Democratic Party was doing their job in protecting American Democracy.

From day one of hearing the DNC’s decision to strip Michigan and Florida of their delegates, I was adamantly opposed to such an action. That action makes as much sense as a Kindergarten teacher sending the entire class to time out because two kids locked the classroom door preventing the entire class from reentering the classroom after recess.

Why punish an entire group of people for the lack of good judgment by a few?

Isn’t that related to the workings of communism?

I believe all candidates that agreed not to campaign in Michigan and Florida displayed a terrible lack of judgment.

However, to remove your name from a ballot actually denying the right of American citizens to mark your specific name takes the displaying of terrible judgment to a whole new level.

The boys club of Obama, Edwards, and Biden did just that.

Here were men campaigning for the highest office in the world in a country known for democracy and our right to vote for our candidate of choice removing their name from the ballot of an entire state of American citizens???

What message does that send out?

It sends out the clearly stated message of the “rules” of our party are more important than the rights of American citizens; the “rules” of our party are more important than American Democracy.

To VOLUNTARILY, AT YOUR REQUEST not give American citizens the right to mark your name on their ballot and then demand, protest, fight for delegates to be awarded to you from their state is mindboggling to me.

To VOLUNTARILY, AT YOUR REQUEST not give American citizens the right to mark your name on their ballot and then cry foul when the possibility of delegates are going to be awarded from their state is mindboggling to me.

To VOLUNTARILY, AT YOUR REQUEST not give American citizens the right to mark your name on their ballot and then accept delegates from their state is mindboggling to me.

I’ve asked this question before, but I must ask it again:

How is an election ever truly won when liberties are lost?


2 thoughts on “The Crumbling of Democracy

  1. Please! Nicely written to make it look unbiased at the top & beginning, to justify your point as being fair, but then you just let loose as to who you are supporting and not that it has anything to do with being fair or following the principles of democracy.

    Please tell me whether you agree with the fundamental necessity of open discourse to maintain the strength and existence of democracy (little d)? It is obvious the way you write your argument that you do, so let me ask you this question…

    Is censorship and manufactured consent a principle to maintain and strengthen democracy?

    As you consider your reaction, and I hope you don’t take this as a rhetorical question, because it is not, please consider the actual HRC website moderated, aka censored, all comments that did not agree 100% with the HRC position by deleting them. Most other pro-Hillary sites followed suit. The official Obama site did not moderate its blog to censor out anti-Obama messages or comments on why the opposite candidate was better.

    So seriously, consider that elections are secondary to democracy when prioritized against open discourse. Moderation, censorship & manufacturing consent amongst the voters can negate the effects of a 100% legitimate election, even one watched over by the Carter Institute. HRC’s campaign engaged willingly in “1984” social modification to subvert democracy, and you would like to point out the unfairness of two states breaking the rules on election procedure being penalized for doing exactly what the rules told them not to do?

    Please examine which comes first in maintaining a strong democracy viable, open discourse or the election procedures.

  2. Although this is a rather delayed reply to your post, I did want to record my agreement with the points that you made and to suggest that the preceding comment by Hans reflects a “We vs.Them” partisanship that misses your point entirely. Governance in this country has devolved from the attempt of the Founders to protect Liberty from the hands of despots to the development of oligarchic control of the government, quite often mediated by control of the two major political parties. This does, indeed, does reflect a “crumbling of (representative)democracy.”

    I have written two blogs that relate to your points which may interest you.

    The first is illustrated by the following posts.

    The second is illustrated by these two posts.

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