Heath Ledger: The Genius of Talent

I believe within all of us talent exists.

Whether we exercise our talent or not is our choice.

Talent comes in different forms. Sometimes it is artistic. Sometimes it is scientific. Sometimes it is mathematical. Sometimes it is humanitarian. Sometimes it is what it is.

And sometimes a person comes along and they can’t help but follow their talent. It’s as if their talent came before them and they can do nothing but follow its lead.

I believe Heath Ledger was one of those people.

His talent was so great I often wonder how he contained it within himself.

My contribution to the Movie Madness Blogging Carnival presented by the Daily Mish Mash is a nod to Heath Ledger.

From the tightly restricted Ennis Del Mar in Broke Back Mountain to the extroverted psychotic Joker in this summer’s The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger played everything in between with brilliance and maturity beyond his years.

Heath Ledger simply was the genius of talent.


5 thoughts on “Heath Ledger: The Genius of Talent

  1. Still sad that he left us so early in his career. I’m sure he would have went on to many more great roles. He was brilliant in Brokeback.

    Thanks for another entry into the Carnival! I just posted it on the page.

  2. It will be difficult to watch Dark Knight without thinking how tragiclly his life ended! I’ve thought he was an awesome actor since A Knights Tale and THe Patriot! I’m sure he is greatly missed.

  3. I am a brasilian but even so I think that you american people can make the best movies of the world.
    So you have the best actors in the world without doubt.
    Heath ledger showed his talent as never seen in the movies.I saw the movie and I really enjoyed it.
    I never saw such a wonderful performance like his.
    it is a pity he died so early.

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