Save Jericho Again

Jericho fans are as sturdy as they come.

Like the survivors of the television town, the fans of Jericho have survived 2 nuclear blasts themselves in the form of network cancellations.


Fight on they do.

The difference between Trekkies and Jericho Rangers (fans of the show) is their focus, their mission, their purpose.

Trekkies are fans of the genre and dedicated lovers of science fiction. They love the characters and the futuristic elements explored within the context of Star Trek and other science fiction productions.

Jericho Rangers are about the here and now. They live active lives and come from various backgrounds, professions, cultures and even countries. Entertainment is not their life, but rather something that brings a balance into their hard-working lives.

Simply put, they love the quality of programming provided by the Jericho producing team.

To the Rangers, the television show Jericho is not an obsession, but rather something that brings a true sense of value of enjoyment into their lives.


They are standing up AGAIN to declare just how valuable of a show Jericho is.

Currently, the Rangers’ campaign is directed at media executives in positions to purchase Jericho and bring it back to the airwaves as original programming.

With encouragement from Jericho producers Jon Turteltaub and Carol Barbee, the Rangers continue their move forward in pursuit of a new home for Jericho.


Good for them!

To learn how you can be a part of this history making campaign, please visit Save Jericho Again and watch the following Rangers’ produced commercial featuring the voice of Brad Beyer.


11 thoughts on “Save Jericho Again

  1. Thanks for helping to shed some light on who the Jericho fans are–and who we aren’t. I appreciate the fresh analysis of the fan campaign!

  2. Hey thanks for doing such a great article on us! I’m proud to be a Jericho Ranger and yes, we’re still hoping for a season 3. Its definitely a great way to balance work and relaxation not only knowing that the episodes are coming, but also that there’s such a great fan base that loves to talk to each other. Come join us at Jeritopia when the episodes come back 🙂 That’s my favorite place to watch. Thanks again for the positive article!!!


  3. This is one of the best articles/blogs ever in print on our fight to return Jericho to a screen, big or small. You’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head here… we’re not obsessed but tired of quality programming being taken off the air due to an antiquated system. We’re sure Jericho will be back… it’s only a matter of time. Thanks for this. We appreciate it.

  4. To an extent you’re right about who we are. We do have lives, jobs, families. But believe me, we ARE obsessed and we’re not stopping until we have Season 3 on a network that will appreciate the 6+ million viewers that CBS rejected.

  5. Jericho fans are as sturdy as they come.

    Like the survivors of the television town themselves, the fans of Jericho have survived 2 nuclear blasts themselves in the form of network cancellations.


    Fight on they do.

  6. Thank you kindly Penny for such kind words that are so appropriate to how Jericho fans feel about the show and quality programming in general. I have never felt compelled to put up such a fuss about a show but CBS reeled me back from quality cable programming with Jericho only to slap me in the face with cancelling Jericho the first time…”Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in”…I’m back and I will not quit fighting for Jericho and quality programming.

  7. Thank you for the great article! We certainly are a dedicated bunch who not only love our tv show but also love to help out others in need.

  8. What a good write-up! Thanks for your kind words. JERICHO Rangers are a different kind of fan base. We are fighing for quality tv and are so tired of quality scritped shows being taken off television and replaced with trash. We do come various walks of live and do have very active lives, but we are bound together by JERICHO to fight for a common cause – bringing JERICHO back and bringing quality television back. Thanks.

  9. Thank-you for the kind, supportive article. I am also a Jericho Ranger. It is so refreshing to see someone write about who a Jericho Ranger is. We come from so many different backgrounds, experiences; but Jericho pulls us all together. It is a show about character, about courage, about doing what is right in the worst circumstances. The Jericho family grows each day, because there is something in the story, in the characters that reach out and touches hearts, touches lives. Thanks again for the awesome article!

  10. Good comments about rangers – thanks.

    Although I think you are off base on Star Trek fans. I’ve been a Star Trek fan since the first airing of Star Trek in 1967.

    I was too young to fight for Star Trek, but the loss of that program in hte 60’s was one of the reasons I became a Jericho ranger.

  11. Thank you so much for finally seeing that someone “gets it”! We have had so many people think that we are just “nuts” and that eventually we will go away or find some other thing to go on about….that is not gonna happen! We believe in our beloved show and the cast and writers and producers! We think this show is really worth it’s weight in gold and don’t understand why CBS couldn’t see it! We are hoping that someday soon another very intelligent network will pick it up because they will see just what value this show has now and in the future. Thank you for such a wonderfully written article and for finally seeing in print that someone ( as I said before ) “GETS IT”!

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