Mad Men

How could I forget Mad Men ??

My apologies to the fans of Mad Men


To all of you who emailed me to ask why I didn’t include Mad Men on my list of this summer’s television shows to watch.

Mad Men most definitely should have been on the list!

For those of us with childhood memories of the 1960’s, this show is truly like stepping back in time. While Jon Hamm’s portrayal of Don Draper is absolutely deserving of his Golden Globe win, all of the other actors in Mad Men are equally engaging and deserving of a sweep at both the Emmy’s and the Golden Globe’s. Mad Men premieres Sunday, July 27 on AMC at 10PM.


2 thoughts on “Mad Men

  1. Mad Men is as good a series as I have ever seen on TV. I have used it to develop themes in my new blog.
    It’s wonderfully researched, manages to have style and substance and has totally engrossing characters.
    I agree that Jon Hamm deserves his Golden Globe, just as long as that nasty man Pete Campbell doesn’t win anything! Oh no, of course, he’s not real. Is he?
    Mad Man is just unmissable TV.

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