6 ($40 or less) Last Minute Gift Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers!

Can you guess what all of these gift ideas have in common?!

3ctcoversmall1. Three Cups of Tea. American Greg Mortenson sets out to climb Pakistan’s mighty K2, but learns that it’s not how high you climb that brings satisfaction and accomplishment to one’s life, but how high you enable others to climb. This absolutely fantastic true story read tells the journey of one man’s mission to promote peace in the world…one school at a time. Available wherever books are sold.

jenifleming2. December by Jeni Fleming. One thing I love about a snowy, cold winter is the feeling that occurs when you begin to warm up from the inside out after a day of skiing, sledding, or just shoveling the walkway. There’s just something magical that happens when you sit by a fire or drink hot chocolate with marshmallows on a cold, snowy day. This CD sets that feeling to music and sets it beautifully. Available through the link posted or check your local Boarders, Barnes & Noble, or music store.

newwestcuisine3.  New West Cuisine by Chase Reynolds Ewald and Amy Jo Sheppard with photography by Audrey Hall. Who cares if your family member or friend is not really a cook? Just having this masterpiece of art sitting on their coffee table will be impressive. A truly stunning book in both visual image and content. Thank God someone is telling the world we in the wild west eat more than pork and beans — we just happen to like our delicacies in a rustic, but spectacular setting. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Boarders, and various book sellers.

vital-ground-license-plates4.  Vital Ground specialty or collector license plates by artist Monte Dolack. Visually captivating, these license plates stand out from all the other specialty plates. And the good thing is that you don’t have to have a car registered in Montana to purchase them! Benefiting the important and productive nonprofit organization, Vital Ground, proceeds from the sale of each license plate work to reconnect fragmented landscapes in the U.S. and Canada critical to wildlife movement and biodiversity. Specialty plates for cars registered in Montana are available through all local Montana treasurer’s offices. Collector plates are available through Vital Ground (click on the link posted).

tommurphy5. The Abundance of Summer by Tom Murphy. The final stamp on all four seasons in Yellowstone National Park, this spectacular book documents famed nature photographer, Tom Murphy’s reflection on the beauty which is Yellowstone in summer. Each of Tom’s seasonal books takes the reader on a journey through America’s oldest national park and each captures the intimacies of life in Yellowstone that comes only from the knowledge and experience gained through 30 plus years of traveling by foot or ski through the park. Tom’s love for all that is Yellowstone passionately reaches out to each reader through image and word. One need not have experienced Yellowstone personally to fall in love with its unique beauty; one only needs to see it through the lens of Tom’s camera. Available through the link posted.

christmasinyellowstone6. Christmas in Yellowstone directed by Shane Moore and narrated by Linda Hunt. Perhaps as a companion piece with The Abundance of Summer or as a stand alone gift, this DVD is one of the most stunning films of winter life in Yellowstone National Park I’ve ever seen. Beautifully narrated by Academy Award winning actress Linda Hunt, director Shane Moore delivers what feels to be our own personal journey through Yellowstone. Could there ever be a place more romantic at Christmas? The magic of this film is that while the temperature in the park is clearly frigidly cold, the imagery is anything but. Life continues through the frozen land and it’s as if the wildlife, geysers, terraces, and hot pots have opened the front door of their home and welcomed us in. Available at Amazon and various online shopping sites where DVDs and books are sold.


Animal Superpowers and GOOD Magazine

I’m a BIG fan of Good Magazine’s short videos!

If you have a MySpace page, add them as a friend. If you have a YouTube account, subscribe to their videos.

The video subjects range from Bono to guinea worms, from volunteering to climate change, from hippo rollers to Danny DiVito and everything in between.

Today, enjoy learning about animal superpowers!

Auto Maker Bailout Solution

From guest author, retired editor of MAD Magazine, Al Feldstein:

I’ve got a simple solution to the Auto-Maker-Big-Three’s request for bailout:

Since they are asking for 34 billion dollars…which, under current management would be quickly flushed down the toilet…

…and their three companies’ combined stocks are only worth a total of 18 billion dollars…

Buy the companies by buying their stock…saving 16 billion dollars…

…and put Lee Iacocca (who resurrected bankrupt Chrysler) in charge of the new Government owned “United  States Automobiles Corporation”…

…let him fire the incompetent idiot CEO’s…who got the industry where it is today…

…let him hire his own, inventive, imaginative CEO’s for each of its three divisions…

…and put our American Auto Industry back on its feet with well-made, well-designed Green Products that put foreign producers to shame.

Pass this on.

MAD-ly yours,