Auto Maker Bailout Solution

From guest author, retired editor of MAD Magazine, Al Feldstein:

I’ve got a simple solution to the Auto-Maker-Big-Three’s request for bailout:

Since they are asking for 34 billion dollars…which, under current management would be quickly flushed down the toilet…

…and their three companies’ combined stocks are only worth a total of 18 billion dollars…

Buy the companies by buying their stock…saving 16 billion dollars…

…and put Lee Iacocca (who resurrected bankrupt Chrysler) in charge of the new Government owned “United  States Automobiles Corporation”…

…let him fire the incompetent idiot CEO’s…who got the industry where it is today…

…let him hire his own, inventive, imaginative CEO’s for each of its three divisions…

…and put our American Auto Industry back on its feet with well-made, well-designed Green Products that put foreign producers to shame.

Pass this on.

MAD-ly yours,


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