Rooting for Hailee Steinfeld…

I’m rooting for Hailee Steinfeld for several reasons. 1. She is the daughter of one of my best friends from my years as a Flight Attendant. 2. She is absolutely outstanding in her portrayal of Mattie Ross — just try saying the lines she was given as confidently and as naturally as she does. AND 3. While each and every actor/actress nominated is worthy of the honor, I’m flat out tired of Oscars given toward roles that portray women as dysfunctional or victims. Blaaach.

The character of Mattie Ross is like many women I know – courageous, intelligent, independent, strong and full of grit.



Forgiveness is not excusing, denying, defending, changing, rewriting, or forgetting a hurtful action or behavior, but rather a choice to release my heart from anger directed at an individual or group. The most wonderful and freeing thing about forgiveness is that it is not dependent upon the repentance of another – only upon the repentance of me. Forgiveness is never about “you, him, her, or them” – it’s only about “us or me”.

~ Penny