THE INVISIBLE WAR. This truth driven documentary tells the story of a shocking number of extraordinarily brave women and men who were raped by either their fellow service men or superiors in the military and their courageous fight for justice.

BUT, in truth, it tells the story of so much more.

“A female U.S. soldier in a combat zone is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. In fact, The Department of Defense estimates that in 2010 alone, there were more than 19,000 violent sex crimes in the U.S. military.” ~ The Invisible War

Many of the violent sex crimes happening in the U.S. military are not happening in combat zones, but rather in the United States of America.

As in every profession in which humans are present there will always be those who hold themselves above the law and abuse whatever power or authority they have. The United States military is no exception.

However, what seems to be the exception is how the law is applied to rapists in the U.S. military. And that is one of the truths this film confronts head on.

This Academy Award nominated film sheds light on a subject that has too long been kept in the dark.

“Currently, commanders who do not have legal training have the power to dismiss a case, set aside a guilty verdict, and return an attacker to the ranks. The Military Justice Improvement Act would get to the root of this problem by moving the decision-making on whether and how to prosecute serious offenses, like sexual assault, out of the chain of command, giving these decisions to trained, experienced military prosecutors.” ~This Is Personal Campaign

Fifty Senators have already pledged to support the act, but 60 total votes are needed to assure that it passes.

Today may be the day the Senate votes on the Military Justice Improvement Act. Do you know where your Senators stand on the issue?

To find out, click HERE. (Senator Cory Booker, who appears on this list, has now signed on to support the MJIA.)