My 2 Sentence Christmas Story


December 24th

The giant doors all lined in a row, propped open as one hundred, two hundred, eighteen hundred people dressed in their new coats, ties, dresses, hats, scarves, boots and so on passed through on their holy pilgrimage to find a seat in the vast auditorium to hear a 10 piece band and a 50 member choir sing praises to the Lord and to learn from the great builder of this mighty building which had no debt  teach of the humble prince who came to feed the poor, heal the wounded, and mend the broken hearted, but was born in a manger because there was no room for him at the Inn. Meanwhile, across town, a window breaks, a muffled cry is held in and a homeless young child, now heavily bleeding, painfully crawls into the under-funded-not-yet-open-for-the-day runaway center, the only safe place he knows where he is welcome to feed his ever-so-hungry stomach and seek shelter from the bitter cold, and as he makes himself a small sandwich he tries not to bleed, but he cannot help but shed his blood.


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