Early morning, before sunrise, is my favorite time of day to be outside. For me, peace on Earth has a voice and that is when I hear her sing most beautifully … and this morning the experience was magical.

It was about 5:30 when I quietly walked out the garage door to retrieve the newspaper which was resting at the end of the driveway. I was half-way down my path when I heard a loud jingling of sleigh bells and saw a blur of something run into a yard diagonally across the street. My legs froze and my feet wouldn’t move. My heart was pounding as the jingling continued…could it be? The tall shrubs in the yard diagonally across the street blocked my vision, but more jingling was approaching and my heart began to race faster in anticipation.

And then I saw a neighbor walking my direction in the middle of the street. When he reached his driveway, he picked up his newspaper, and called his two dogs … who jingled all the way into their home!

Smiling, I continued down my path feeling very young and filled with awesome hope!

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