BULLY. Following 5 characters during the course of the 2009/2010 school year, documentary filmmaker Lee Hirsh captures the truth of bullying and reveals its nature and impact through and on both children and adults. From Oklahoma, to Iowa, to Mississippi, to Georgia, the stories reveal the same torment experienced by those bullied and of the families left without their young children because death was viewed as a better option to their child than being bullied one more day.

This film captures kids continuously tormenting one child in particular while riding on the bus to and from school and all the while the adult bus driver never does one thing to help or intervene. Ever. When the filmmaker shows the footage to the parents and the school administration the response is . . .  something I encourage you to see for yourself.

Bullying is not just a child’s form of power over another kid; it’s also a method used by adults. BULLY brings the reality of how adults disguise and rationalize their contribution to group think, mob mentality, and the tormenting bullying of others by ignoring, blaming the victim, or simply being a silent bystander.

This film also shows the courage of kids who refuse to back down to bullying and how important active support by their parents is in helping them navigate safely through what must feel like a war zone called school. One of the greatest lessons of the film comes from two sets of parents who lost their young children to suicide and one set of parents whose child is one of the characters in the film and that lesson is the danger of when a child becomes silent.

Communication is vital to helping a bullied child and to stopping the bullies.

Visit The Bully Project and Stand for the Silent to learn more.

BULLY. A must see film for all ages.


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