Gray Matter

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GRAY MATTER. I’m guessing most of the world believes, like I did, that the horrors of the Holocaust were stopped when the war against Hitler and the Nazis was won. Or, at the very least, national governments did not celebrate, award, revere, and allow Nazi war criminals to continue their work.


Austria allowed, promoted, and awarded FOR YEARS the work of Dr. Heinrich Gross.

GRAY MATTER follows filmmaker Joe Berlinger’s attendance at the 2002 burial of the brains of more than 700 children murdered by Dr. Heinrich Gross and his colleagues under the order of Adolf Hitler, which as history reveals, appears to be the beginning acts of the Holocaust.

Why were these children murdered? Because 3 doctors deemed them not worthy of life simply because they had some form of handicap.

After the child had been murdered, the brain was removed, preserved for scientific study, and the body was returned to the family…maybe.

If that’s not horrific enough what Dr. Heinrich Gross and the Austrian government did FOR YEARS after is equally as horrific.

The Austrian government allowed Dr. Heinrich Gross and other “experts” to continue to experiment on the brains of these children FOR YEARS in secret – all the way to 1998. Not only did the Austrian government allow this “research” to continue, but they awarded Dr. Heinrich Gross repeatedly and elevated him to a position of great esteem. They just never told anyone the truth about what was really happening AND the Austrian government legally fought against the survivors of the horrific Spieglegrund hospital where the murders and other atrocities took place.

After years of repression of their stories and the truth, the families of many of the murdered children won the right to have the brains of their loved ones buried in 2002. Sadly, as of 2004, survivors of Spieglgrund still had not been awarded any justice by the Austrian government.

Perhaps someday governments and those in positions of power and authority will actually understand, as the filmmaker shows, that the truth cannot be buried.

GRAY MATTER, a film by Joe Berlinger.


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