In a place where the bison trod

And the wolf howls,

The grizzly dens with her cubs.


In a place where the water falls

And the springs run hot,

Minerals paint the earth.


In a place where the geyser’s gush breaks the sky

And terraces build limestone layers,

Thermals pool in brilliant blue.


In a place where flowers color mountain sides

And birds soar and sing,

Butterflies and bees pollinate under the summer sun.


In a place where the Canadian Lynx roams

And the red fox hunts,

Otters splash in a free flowing river.


In a place where the moose stand tall,

And the elk bugle and rut,

Mountain lions reign at the top.


In a place of volcanoes and valleys

And far reaching lakes,

My heart energizes its peace and rejuvenates its rest.


In a place where beauty never ends

And wild is valued,

A name exists as true as ever.