About Author

Penny Ronning

Filmmaker; human rights advocate; believes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be enjoyed by ALL people; animal lover; passionate about the 2008 elections; loves French toast or pumpkin pancakes with soy sausage for breakfast; vegetarian; loves Jesus; 70’s & 80’s rock music fan; loves her family; has great friends; loves her dogs and is probably Cesar Milan’s best example of why you shouldn’t think of your dogs as people; enjoys public speaking; not much of a drinker; good at math, but doesn’t enjoy it; is learning to appreciate the freedoms that come with being an American more and more; is not afraid to use her voice; fair when people have done wrong but are honest with her; loves mocha dates with friends; doesn’t like heights and spiders freak her out; loves to workout on a treadmill and weight machines, but please don’t ask her to do a sit up; a maker of excellent pies; a true leader much more than a follower, but doesn’t like to work alone; enjoys and thrives in a team atmosphere; has a strong desire to adopt children; is a mentor


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